Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are we on the eve of war? 6.19.12

Ron Paul gave a speech today on the floor of the House of Representatives, condemning the United States meddling in Syria, and announcing he was introducing a bill to block military intervention in Syria.

Russia, China, Iran and Syria plan a joint military exercise?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tom Woods makes an appeal to Ron Paul and more! 6.11.12

I haven't said much or maybe anything on this site, about Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney. I have however been very outspoken about it at the Daily Paul. If there is one thing Ron Paul has taught us, it is that we never have to compromise on our principles, Rand sadly has compromised. Tom Woods made a open appeal to Ron Paul today concerning Romney, in this video 'An Appeal to Ron Paul, on Mitt Romney'. I am very grateful to Tom for making this video, he is saying exactly what many of us are thinking. If Dr. Paul were to endorse Mitt Romney, it would not only destroy his legacy, but fracture his movement, and set the cause of liberty back considerably.

Even more troubling are revelations about a campaign staffer high up in the Ron Paul organization. It has been revealed that a consultant who has campaign manager Jesse Benton's ear, has been involved with various CIA-backed coups in eastern Europe, known as the Color Revolutions. The consultant, Trygve Olson is known as something of a "regime change specialist" and has been on the ground in eastern Europe with several organizations connected to the National Endowment for Democracy, a known avenue for funneling CIA money to opposition groups. Even if Olson is not involved with the CIA in an official capacity or on contract, he is a fellow traveler and his interventionism is completely incompatible with Ron Paul and his message. Adam Kokesh recently interviewed Peggy Freeman, a former Ron Paul campaign staffer, and they discussed Olson and an article by Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com outing Olson. Here is the video: http://youtu.be/dX4DdfSGiFs and here is the article they are discussing: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2012/02/02/can-ron-paul-be-tamed/

Lew Rockwell gives his take on Rand's endorsement in this interview with Abby Martin on RT, 'Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different'

Friday, June 8, 2012

A few links and a video! 6.8.12

I was digging through the Mises Institute's Youtube account, and I found this amazing speech by Judge Andrew Napolitano, 'What Ever Happened to the Constitution?'. This is in my opinion, the best speech he has ever given, give it a watch!

Lew Rockwell's latest podcast, 'Secede From the Regime', is fantastic. He talks with Ryan McMaken on the history of the libertarian movement, and gets into individual secession!

Here are a couple of the latest Mises Daily articles: 'Private Law in the Emerald Isle' by Finbar Feehan-Fitzgerald, 'Of Krugman and Diocletian' by Peter C. Earle and 'Mercantilism, Merchants, and "Class Conflict"' by Murray Rothbard.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Videos: Ron Paul, LearnLiberty, Gary Johnson and Walter Block | 6.4.12

In this weeks Texas Straight Talk from Ron Paul, 'On a Fast Track to War in Syria; Time to Put on the Brakes!', Ron warns of the beating war drums, and urges us to not fall for the hysteria.

LearnLiberty is a great tool for teaching libertarian philosophy and free market economics. Their speakers include Art Carden, Aeon Skoble, Ben Powell, Steve Horwitz, Antony Davies and more. Here is an excellent video on the Broken Window Fallacy

Bob Wenzel over at Economic Policy Journal, interviewed Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. The topic of the interview was 'Just How Libertarian is Gary Johnson?'. Three minutes in I heard Gary praise Milton Friedman, CATO, and Reason and I thought "Oh God, this is gonna be bad!". At one point he was advocating for a fiat currency issued by the treasury, and the Fed maintaining "price stability". Gary wasn't familiar with any of the ideas of Mises or Rothbard, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was unfamiliar with the Non-Aggression Axiom. Garry believes it is alright to steal from others with a "Fair Tax"(a contradiction of terms) to fight a "Humanitarian War"(another contradiction of terms). I'm sure Gary is a great guy, but he is not a principled libertarian.

Today's video lecture is 'Austrian Economics and Libertarianism', by Walter Block. This is a lecture that Walter delivered for FEE (Foundation For Economic Education), in it he gives an introduction to libertarian philosophy and Austrian Economics. As always, Dr. Block presents these ideas in a fun and exciting way, you will not be bored.